What is 'VERIFIED' on Leaderboard?

Verified is certain status that your records are officially confirmed by SideBySide. And we only recognize Verified records in League or event. To do this, please following below procedure

* SideBySide Log in – Click your nickname at right upper side – Put your information in profile(you should match your SideBySide Nickname and in-game – Complete a Clean lap at the server which created by SideBySide.

Is it possible to join the event if I'm using console?(PS4, Xbox....etc)

The servers between PC and Console are isolated. Therefore Console users can upload their records by MANUAL REGISTER. Then we check your records and change status ‘Verified’.

I would like to make a team. what should I do?

Unfortunately, The team system is now under development. Please Using Contact us or SideBySide Facebook page to ask about it.

I passed License before sign up for SideBySide, but I don't see my license after signing up. What should I do?

SideBySide’s License System confirms records after signning up. The system doesn’t accept the records before signing up. So you should try it again.


I want to use Server manger, but little bit hard for me. Is there any explanation for that?

Now, we support Assetto Corsa only, but we prepare other racing sims such as Project Cars, RRRE … etc. The Explanation links are here. (Korean) (Korean)

I want to disable my server. How can I do it?

There is 2 way to disable server.

  • Go to Online Page. There is a server list for each game. you can see the kill button right side of the list. Press the button, the server will be disabled immediately. (Kill button will be activated in 30 seconds after you create server.)
  • Click Nickname (My Page). There is Server History that can see every server you made before. Also there is kill button. so just click it and the server will be disabled immediately.
I have proposal about games, sponsorship, cars... etc. How can I contact with SideBySide?

Please use ‘Contact us’ on the main page or SideBySide Facebook page.

I would like to use Advanced Setting on Web Server manager, why Profile Page keep popping up?

To activate Advanced Setting, enter the ADDTIONAL INFORMATION in Profile page.

I checked Loop mode when created server, but the server was disappeared at next day. What is the problem?

The server will be maintain 24hours from last user join the server. If none of user join the server for 24hours it will be disappeared.


Tell me about SideBySide & What it is designed for?

SideBySide is aimed at a Multi-Platform where users share their racing simulator records and enjoy together. Today, we have several simulators(such as iRacing, Assetto corsa, Rfactor… etc), but each user divided and acted individually, so after for a while, there is no center to attract people and users of each simulator easily lost their interest. As the one of way to solve these problems we are planning SideBySide.

Also Many Racing Simulator rooms are established, VR devices became popular, even racing drivers are using those simulators for their Driving School or personal shop. This means the difference between reality and Simulation has been closed so much. So we think it is possible to connect with real motor sports. Ultimately, the bridge between Simulation and reality is one of our goals.

Driving Etiquette that you should keep in mind!

1. Please respect other people and drive politely
2. Keep in mind! There is different class & performance cars in server.
3. You are not driving alone! Always look around and be careful.
4. One good turn deserves another.